Flannel Trendy

Flannel or felt is the name of the type of wool fibers without weaving.  The processing for make flannel called wet felting. This is a process by using the heating and evaporation, resulting in a kind of flannel or felt that having a wide diversity of texture and type, depending on the mix of the author. In the market flannel have many various colour totally is 60 type of colour.  You can see all the type in this link :   60 type colour of flannel.
In Indonesia currently is booming handicrafts which made by using a flannel cloth. Many people producing handicraft at home,then promoting and selling at Facebook, the social network. Various shapes and creations have been created from flannel with motifs and many colors so very nice to look. Mix of bright colors and artificial forms as animals, flowers, cakes etc. With a touch of imagination and have produced works of art that can be a new source of income, especially for those who have the talent handicraft skills.
The crafter make flannel become wall ornament, dolls and accesorries for women or girls like Brooch. For onament wall, many people used flannel to make child name and hanging on the door. Some times the crafter make painting from flannel, for make it is very difficult must have accuracy, patience and time. For make dolls the crafter make skin of the dolls only, for make it become finish must be fill the skin of dolls with other such as cotton, dacron or kapok or patcwork.
The brooch is very popular from flannel, because is very simple and easy to make it. The crafter make brooch must have some simple tools equipment, such as scissors for cuting, blade with sewing thread, glue and pin. Until now flannel have trend in Indonesia arround 2 years. Hopefully flannel can make people have activity and side job in the home.

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