Types of Thai Traditional Dress

Chong Kben
With the raising of the Ayutthaya Kingdom (1350 to 1767 ) , many styles followed. The main change was the adoption of chong kraben, a lower-body, wrap-around clothing worn mainly in Cambodia, and bare chest and bare feet were accepted in formal dress code.

Before the 18th century, both men and women kept their hair long. Then, women began to adopt a crew-cut short style which persisted as the national hairstyle until the 20th century. King Vajiravudh encouraged Thai women to wear pha sinh, a tubular skirt, instead of the chong kraben. A sinh is worn wrapped around the waist. It typically consists of three parts: hua sinh, tua sinh, and tin sinh.

A sabai, or pha biang, is a shawl-like garment or breast cloth. A sabai is worn by both women and men. It is a long piece of silk that’s about a foot wide and is draped diagonally around the chest by covering one shoulder while its end drops behind the back.

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